Thoughts on Madam Secretary – TV Show Review

Granted, I’m only 7 episodes into the first season of Madam Secretary, but here are my thoughts on why I think the show is successful thus far.

Strong Female Lead
I love that Elizabeth has such an empowering role on this show. She was unexpectedly nominated for the job of “Madam Secretary” but she fit the position so very well. I also like the fact that the show exhibits the very real issues some have with women in higher positions without putting an over abundance of emphasis on it. I think that’s it’s important to recognize that women do have a place in politics and the workforce. However, in my opinion, campaigns such as #thefutureisfemale don’t quite give the illusion of equality versus the “women are better than men so they should be in charge” attitude. This show is very good at allowing Elizabeth that strong female lead and giving her the opportunity to exude a positive example to viewers whilst remaining humble and working hard to get the job at hand done and exhuming equality on her part, not superiority.

Healthy Marriage/Family Values
I love that Elizabeth and Henry work as a team, or a “unit” as Henry tells Stevie in Season 1, Episode 2 after she asks him if his thoughts are his thoughts or if they’re in fact being influenced by Elizabeth. I think too often too much of the drama lies within the romantic relationship at hand and if more often than not, the conflict isn’t handled properly. As a result, teenagers who watch these shows and follow these relationships begin to see these dramatized scenarios as normal and don’t learn to properly deal with situations because in some situations, the only example they have of  a real marriage is what they’ve seen on TV.

There’s No Shame In Watching
In a film world that’s constantly forcing sex scenes on the screen as a way to get ratings, it’s refreshing to see a TV show that uses the story line as the main draw without the need to throw in sex to make it more “appealing”. It’s hard to find shows anymore that exemplify a healthy marriage (note I said healthy, not perfect), true family values, and have a strong female lead, all while giving the viewer the security of watching without shame or worry that someone may walk in at the most inappropriate scene in the episode. Again, I’m only 7 episodes into the first season, but I must say, I’m thoroughly impressed and plan to continue watching. Well done, Barbara Hall and CBS!


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