3 Of TV’s Best Friendships

One of the biggest pieces of a TV show is the connection between the characters. While many focus on romantic relationships embedded in a television series more than anything else, I find myself investing just as much in the prominent friendships that many filmmakers choose to use within the story lines. Here are three of the best TV friendships I’ve discovered thus far.


  1. Rizzoli and IslesJane and Maura
    Created By: Janet Tamaro

    My hands down favorite TV friendship has to be Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles. I absolutely loved the chemistry between the two friends and the inseparable bond the they share. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen another TV friendship I’ve loved more than Jane and Maura; they know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, how to make each other laugh, how to cry together, something most people avoid in friendships because emotions are uncomfortable and therefore we fail to be there for our friends when they need it the most out of selfishness. The two are literally there for each other in every situation, even to the point where they’re willing to die for each other, as we’ve seen in many situations. Granted, they don’t live normal lives given their dangerous jobs. However, I still hope to someday find my “Jane and Maura” type of friendship.


  2. Private Practice – Addison and Naomi
    Created By: Shonda Rhimes

    I always rooted for the Addison Forbes Montgomery and Naomi Bennett pair on Private Practice. The two experienced a lot of hardship together, dealing with more drama between the two of them than most people experience in the entirety of their lifetimes. Their ability to overcome and forgive each other is admirable. To be quite honest, I’m not sure I could continue in a friendship such as theirs but they undoubtedly seem to make it work because they care enough about each other and about their friendship to continue working at it. I mean, isn’t that what true friendship is suppose to be? If there’s never any conflict, drama or hardship in a relationship of any kind, it’s probably not a raw, real, or worthy friendship because life is hard and no matter how much we try, we’ll always face some level of conflict. With that being said, there are different types of friendships and I’m by no way encouraging people to stay in unhealthy friendships or relationships.


  3. Greys Anatomy – Cristina and Meredith
    Created By: Shonda Rhimes

    Cristina Yang and Meredith Grey are among the most well known TV friendships. Cristina’s quote to Meredith, “You’re my person. You will always be my person” can be found in cute friendship pictures all over the internet. Although I’ve never been able to submerge myself into the show as I know a lot of others have, I definitely couldn’t neglect to include the iconic duo.

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Haven’t seen any of these shows? Start watching Rizolli & Isles, Private Practice, or Grey’s Anatomy by clicking the show of your choosing below!


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