Finding Meaning In Photography

DSC_0516 2   IMG_9777 copy

One of my absolute things about photography is the fact that your subject doesn’t always have to be perfectly posed and prepared for a shot. In fact, I’ve found that the best shots are the ones where my subjects aren’t quite “picture ready”. Catching someone in the middle of a genuine smile or a moment of pure laughter makes for the best photographs. More than anything though, there’s almost always a good story behind the images taken. They say “a picture is worth a thousand words” and I believe that’s absolutely true because it often time holds so much value to the person behind the camera and the people/imagery in the actual picture.

I took the first image of my two friends, Michaella and Alexis, on our local history class field trip to NYC our senior year. What you can’t see is the unbreakable bond these two share. I’ve watched as the two of them grew in their friendship over their high school years, despite the tensions and difficulties they faced in their friendship and amongst normal high school drama, but they never failed to stand by each other and support each other through it. Today, Michaella has a beautiful baby girl and Alexis a handsome little boy, still the best of friends.

The second image is of a friend I met in college who serves as one of the few core people I look to for advice on video or photo work because I value her professional opinion, but most of all, her friendship and the honesty that comes with it. In this photo, my friend Tina and I met Alex, pictured, half way between our houses to bike an unfamiliar, but gorgeous, trail outside of Harrisburg. I love this photo of Alex because it’s so genuine. Following this bike ride, we drove to one of my favorite diners in York, Round The Clock Diner, and ate dinner, enjoying each others company and catching up on life.

Shots like this are my favorite. In fact, some of the absolute best and most genuine shots I’ve ever gotten get are entirely spontaneous and natural.

IMG_6515   IMG_6713

Photography gives the ability to find beauty in things that we may not ordinarily pay attention to and capture it. We’re constantly surrounded by insurmountable beauty, we just have to learn to stop and pay attention to it.


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