Making Strides: Fighting For Hope, One Year Recap!

Today marks one year since I officially released my longest documentary short film to date. It’s the most time consuming video project I’ve ever worked on but anyone in the filmmaking industry knows that a project you’re passionate about can be both insanely frustrating and rewarding because when you’re passionate about the content, you want it to be perfect. Continue reading “Making Strides: Fighting For Hope, One Year Recap!”

Quotes From The Breakfast Club That Still Apply In 2017

The Breakfast Club is among some of the most well known films from the mid 1980’s. After watching the film, I took note of a few quotes I think still hold a significant amount of impact today.

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Top 3 TV Shows Of All Time!

After much thought and personal examination into the type of  movies and TV shows I personally enjoy, I came to the realization that they all have one central theme. They all have some aspect of symbolism or deeper meaning embedded within. To me, the story line goes beyond the action, beyond the drama, and beyond the characters. For me, it’s the symbolism that makes it stand out. With that being said, three of my all time favorite TV shows exemplifying an extreme amount of symbolism are as follows.

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What Makes A Film Noteworthy?


There are so many different elements that go into making a successful film or television series. So many in fact, that the viewer doesn’t grasp the entirety of what is going on. As a film enthusiast, I was curious to see what makes a film noteworthy to others. In addition to this, they were asked to give an example of one of their favorite films or TV shows, then explaining why it is noteworthy in their eyes. Is it the characters, the life lessons presented in the film, the take away points, or just the overall storyline and action? These were their answers.

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