Finding Meaning In Photography

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One of my absolute things about photography is the fact that your subject doesn’t always have to be perfectly posed and prepared for a shot. In fact, I’ve found that the best shots are the ones where my subjects aren’t quite “picture ready”. Catching someone in the middle of a genuine smile or a moment of pure laughter makes for the best photographs. More than anything though, there’s almost always a good story behind the images taken. They say “a picture is worth a thousand words” and I believe that’s absolutely true because it often time holds so much value to the person behind the camera and the people/imagery in the actual picture.

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Ricketts Glen Falls

These last two months, I’ve had more opportunities to film and photograph events than I’ve ever had before and I’m beyond grateful for the ability to be being able to do what I love, meet new people, and maintain my “normal” job while working on these side projects without completely losing my sanity. However, it requires a lot of time management – sometimes getting up early and staying up late – to keep up with everyday life and these awesome side projects. So, needless to say, it gets a little exhausting at times.

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